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Superheroes re-imagined! (part 1)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 18, 2009

So here’s my version of some various superheroes.

I’m making these for some fun paintings-I’ll post some finals soon.

Some are done (here and here) and some I haven’t done more than sketches of.

I’m not much of a comics fan, really. My girlie currently owns more than I have ever had
(and she’s sold 90% of hers)

But I loved Ghost Rider and Iron Man and stuff as a kid and used to doodle little
superheroes of my own (this is actually the twisted path I took to art)

Ghost Rider Reimagined Superheroes sketches George Berlin
Somehow, I always picture Thor as a hairy, burly sort of dude.

Thor  Doctor Octopus reimagined sketches George Berlin

Here’s a couple of big ones… The Hulk, Batman, and Spidey…

Batman Hulk Spiderman reimagined sketches George Berlin
Spidey looks a bit like a peanut, but I think that’s why I like him.

And the Hulk is just kind of a big mad eggplant. Gosh, must be
nearing dinnertime…
Here’s Wonder Woman- looking not quite right.I was thinking of
how she’s this super Amazon hero, but they mostly just
focus on her, ahem, womanly attributes in the comics.
It also looks like her lasso  is just a balloon she’s holding
on a string.
Iron Man Wonder Woman Silver Surfer reimagined sketches George Berlin

Needs more work, still. With her are Iron Man (one of my favorites) and
the Silver Surfer. Who’s really just some weird silver naked guy flying
through the air.

Flash and Aquaman:

Aquaman Flash reimagined sketches George Berlin

Aquaman just gets no love. I guess since he’s basically useless outside
of water. I always liked him, though. And the Flash- doesn’t he get tired
and/or sweaty with  all that running?

Cyclops Professor X Xavier reimagined sketches George Berlin
Here’s Cyclops and Professor X. I like the Cyclops one- Professor just looks
like a well-dressed fish with a headache sitting in a wheelchair.
Wolverine’s not bad, though.
Woverine Captain America reimagined sketches George Berlin

I really like how Cap’n turned out, too. Classic pose.

Joker Penguin Catwoman reimagined sketches George Berlin

Here’s some Batman foes…Catwoman looked too much like, well, just a cat
for my tastes.

Then there’s the Fantastic Four. Invisible Chick is a bit weird still.

My style doesn’t do women very well, it seems.

Fantastic Four Thing Human Torch Mr. Fantastic Invisible Girl reimagined sketches George Berlin

Oh well. Last and perhaps least, here’s Hawkman. I always liked him, too.
He is a third-rate hero, though. But c’mon, having wings? How cool is that…

Hawkman reimagined sketches George Berlin


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