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“Lullaby” my film festival debut! (part 2)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 24, 2009

So, I showed you “Lullaby” in my previous post.

Go watch it again to get an idea of what I’m talking about in this post.

I told you a little about its inspiration. Now for some of the design of the
characters and animation.

There’s a little skinny pink guy all the way on the left who sticks his tongue out
and goes “blooolooloo” (just next to the big lump who says “blaah”).

He was inspired a bit by this one guy I used to work with, back in my grocery store
night crew days who was so insanely energized and juiced up, we used to call
him the Roadrunner.

He’d stand there while we were all getting work assignments literally twitching to go
do the work. Wasn’t even drugs or anything- he was just fired up. I think he went into
doing lighting for a local TV station newscast (honest!).

Some of the other characters I just based on the noise they make. Like the “Blahh” guy.

The little blue guy in the back who says “bing” I based on a chicken (especially the
way he sleeps by tucking his head into his chest). The pink one all the way on the
right who says “brrip” was inspired a bit by a cat. I think that one’s a girl, too.

I made the tall skinny purple guy have the deepest voice in homage to the Oak Ridge boys
and all of the barbershop quartets throughout history where the skinniest guy has the booming
voice and the alto is the big burly dude.

He was originally gold but, as I suspected they would, people thought he was a french fry.
On a an intentional food reference note, I made the guy who says “boink” look like a pear on
purpose. Also, the little green guy lower right who says “wahwahwahh” is based on a pea.

Quite a tasty cartoon, eh?

I had to find some ways to reference real things in their design, since they’re all just
floppy blobs and I needed a good idea for each to distinguish them from one another both
in my mind and the future audience’s mind.

So there you are. Also, yeah, that’s me snoring. I recorded about 20 minutes of
that during an audio session for “Getting to Know: John Adams” that I was doing for work.

The recording engineer and my producer were rolling on the floor. Snoralicious!

Next: some behind the scenes on my upcoming film, “The Bee’s Knees” – a little love story
between a bee and his favorite flower!


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