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“The Bee’s Knees” my next short animated film (part 2 of a bazillion)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 26, 2009

So here’s a little more about my next short film “The Bee’s Knees” (part 1 was here)

This is some of the background design. First, a general view:

I want this to be a sort of kooky, hilly area, with lots of houses set apart a bit, and very colorful and bright and fun.
Sure, some bee gets his heart broken halfway through the film, but it’s more of a ‘sad clown’ sort of sadness
than just outright heart ache.

Also, there’s a fun chase scene near the end where the bee has to pursue his darlin’ down these winding roads,
through tunnels, over bridges and around hairpin turns so I designed it be a little “Suessian”

I sure do loves me some Dr. Suess. Mmm-hmm.

The feel of the world was taken a bit from this painting I made last summer, called “Paradise City.”

This is my strange little idea of the Garden of Eden. And it’s named after a Guns ‘N’ Roses song.
Says a lot about me, I think…

Here’s a closer view of the hill where the bee lives in a hive on the tree, the windowsill where our darling Daisy
lives in her flowerpot, and the house around which it all takes place.

I wanted a ‘country farm on the label of a can of tomatoes’ feel to the hills. And I like the fact that he lives on a big
curvy hill.

This is the little guy who lives in that house, and some sketches of his car. I spent quite a bit of time designing
that thing- I wanted an exaggerated look that fit its occupant nicely.

I had a lot of trouble designing a seating area that would fit his really big head, yet look funny and still fit the rest
of the car. I really like the way this one turned out.

It was also the inspiration for my Police Car design in my Police and Fire Rescue Vehicles post a couple of posts back.


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