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“The Bee’s Knees” my next short animated film (part 3 of a bazillion)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 29, 2009

So, here’s some more about my next project, “The Bee’s Knees.”

Here’s part 1 and part 2…

This is a bit more of the ‘chase scene background design, as well as the some working
out of how the bee would look turning this way or that from the back…

I want to show the chase from slightly behind the bee, who can’t quite catch up to the car he’s chasing, so he
continually comes around corners or out of tunnels or over hills, etc to see yet another obstacle in his way.
I want him to miss a turn, then go around the hill and see the car on the next curve or coming out of a tunnel and so

The landscape will be a character in and of itself, essentially.

Here’s a view more behind the car, with some of the bee’s expressions and working out positioning, etc.
He’s got that sort of determination you see on Mickey Mouse- not angry, but he’s gonna get it done, dernitall!

That and he needs to sweat some. I mean, c’mon, how does a bee catch up with a car, after all?

Then we have this. A little more of the car, from some other angles and a closer look at the hills when we’re in the
chase. Also, I want the bee to get reeaaally turned around at the end of the chase, spin out of control and land in
the grass somewhere- lost and exhausted and seemingly defeated- only to see the car then pull up to a driveway
right nearby.

So here he is like a dog who just played fetch for three hours straight (and a little bigger then he’ll be later…)

And, yes- these were doodled on the bottom of a page of some sort of very important work related email printouts and
then torn out and taken home for my records!

More soon…


2 Responses to ““The Bee’s Knees” my next short animated film (part 3 of a bazillion)”

  1. Lindsay said

    This has a lot of promise, can’t wait to see how it’s developed. I know your last kiddie animation was all cell work, are you going to have any 3D elements in this? The background might be much easier to animate that way considering how complex and curvy it’s going to be.

    • eyeofthehurricane99 said

      I’ve thought about doing the whole thing 3D- maybe with a soft fuzzy look to the shading and so on…

      Might be fun to do it in the style of ‘The Cat Came Back” though. Y’know, an intentionally not tightly-drawn look.

      I’m still in pre-pro, so we’ll see.

      Should be fun either way.

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