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Construction Vehicles Collections! (part 1 of several)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 30, 2009

Here’s some sketches for one of the collections I’m designing
for my art licensing stuff  (which I mentioned in this post).

Well, actually, it’s going to be several collections- one of just the vehicles,
one with dinosaurs driving the vehicles, and one with dogs driving them.

Here’s some squiggles of them with dinos in them.

I’m trying to pair the particular critter driving it with the ‘personality of the vehicle’. A stegosaurus in a steamroller
seemed like a good choice. I think when I have the dog driving it, I’ll use a bulldog sort of pooch.

That guy with the club on his tail is just there because I thought he was pretty awesome looking.

Anyway, I put the brontosaurus in the crane because I figured hey, you’ll want the guy with the long neck
operating the machine where it goes really high up, right?  Here’s a more final version of that..

Along that same line of thinking, I put the weiner dog in the crane for the dog collection.
He’s about the longest dog I can think of, personally…

I have this doggie construction team vision of all of them, building doghouses, planting lots of trees, digging
big holes to bury their bones, and definitely laying pipe to lower in lots of fire hydrants.

Gotta take care of the important stuff when you’re a dog…

Next time- the steamroller, and what I have the T-Rex driving…


2 Responses to “Construction Vehicles Collections! (part 1 of several)”

  1. Lindsay said

    George, you gotta make the ankylosaurus have a machine!! Not only are they my favorite dinosaurs, they are the BEST dinosaurs. Although I have to admit that dogs doing construction seems pretty damn cute. How ironic if the dogs were to uncover huge dino bones on their job site.

    • eyeofthehurricane99 said


      I’ve thought of having the ankylosaurus operating the wrecking ball machine
      – seems fitting to have the guy with the big spiked ball tail smashing buildings…

      I’m definitely gonna paint that li’l guy, though. He’s so cute!

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