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Construction Vehicles Collections! (part 2 of several)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on January 31, 2009

Continuing from last time’s entry on Construction Vehicles and dogs and dinos...

Here’s the finished steamroller from last time:

Looks a lot different from this, eh?

That last doodle, with the stegosaurus in it, looked WAAAAY too much like some sort of
jeep with monster truck tires on closer inspection. So I had to consult some resources
and do some redesign.

Steamrollers have a whole lot of real specific detail stuff that just
clutters things up too much. So I’ve simplified it a bit.

I was trying to avoid putting roofs on these (makes it a bit harder to have a really
big-headed character inside) but here I think it’s necessary for readability. Dang.

Here’s a painting I did a month or so ago of the T-Rex in his vehicle. Apro pos, no?

Cuz let’s be honest, the only thing that can do more damage than a T-Rex, is a T-Rex
in a bulldozer. He wrecks your house, and THEN he eats you.

Or judging by this guy’s happy demeanor, perhaps he’ll just drive up and invite you
out for ice cream or something.

Next time- my favorite dino… Triceratops!


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