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Construction Vehicles Collections! (part 5 of several)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 3, 2009

No no no, this doesn’t mean that this page of my art blog is under construction!

These are some of the accessories for the Construction Vehicles collections I mentioned
here here here and here!

Y’see, sometimes the napkin or whatever these will go on might have a big dump truck
in the center, and some ‘accent’ images around the edges or what have you.

Like, uh, this roadblock thingie:

Cuz let’s be honest- when’s there’s 2 ton dinosaurs driving heavy equipment– you might want to get out of
their way.

I thought some actual tools would be nice, too. This hammer brings back fond memories of pounding things
as a kid. Ahh, childhood…

I gave the claw on the end a very rounded ‘safety-scissors’ feel. Makes it a bit cuter, too.

It also makes me think of those workbench playsets with the huge screws you
can drive in with a big screwdriver like this one:

Next time- some accessories
for the Police and Fire Rescue Vehicles I wrote about earlier…


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