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Police and Fire Rescue Vehicles Sketches (part 4)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 4, 2009

I showed you the designs for my Police and Fire Rescue Vehicles
here here and here..

Another part I’m adding to the collection is some accessories (to show
along with a vehicle on, say, a bedspread or some jammies or the party plates).

Here’s the Rescue badge!

I’m going with ‘Rescue’ on all of these, because it encompasses fire and police forces,
and it doesn’t imply anybody getting arrested or having their house burn down.

‘Rescue’ seemed a bit more positive for the little kiddies to me…

The multi-purpose bullhorn:

The CB radio!

I had a little walkie-talkie when I was a kid and of course, loved it to pieces. My friend and I
even would pick up some other kids three blocks over who had the same brand and somehow
got one with the same frequency.

Flashlights are always good to conjure up images of searching, being a cool little kid playing cop, etc…

I went with a safety orange for these, as it fit in nice with the gold on the badges of the Police car, etc and
seemed a more universal Police and Firemen sort of thing…

Next- the Firetruck!


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