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Police and Fire Rescue Vehicles sketches (part 5)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 5, 2009

Okay, so I showed a little squiggle of the firetruck in this post…

I found some of the original doodles I made as I was working on how it would look.  I went through a pretty wide range of ideas before I got to the final version (at the end of this post):

Police and Fire Rescue Vehicles George Berlin art animation

You can see, I was working a lot on just how wide I could make it while still seeming skinny (which was the aesthetic I was going for) and also how skinny I could make it without it seeming silly.

I also went back and forth about whether it should be hard-edged or rounder. At this stage, I can change pretty much whatever I’d like- so I did!

I even played around a bit with adding extra lights on top, or having them all in a row like on top of a police car.

And there’s also some weird cartoony guy in the middle of it all that I think I just doodled for fun…in the midst of most likely waiting for some computery process to finish up or something.

Here’s the finished version of it:

Police and Fire Rescue vehicles George Berlin art

My favorite part of this is the little tiny ladder.

“Help Mr. Fireman! I’m caught in a tenth story blaze.”

“Oops, looks like all I brought was my three foot ladder!”

That and I’m very proud of how short I made it, length-wise. I mean, c’mon, firetrucks are, like, thirty feet long usually!

It’s got a sort of Keystone Kops fire department feel to it. It’s got the huge siren, the little honky horn on the side and the axe, ofcourse. Gotta have an axe for chopping down doors where there’s a fire.

Oh, and speaking of honky horns… in completely random fashion-

here’s a funny little clown I drew right about the same time as this:

Police and Fire Rescue vehicles Clown George Berlin art

I really like the sort of ingratiating smile he has.

As if, hehe, please laugh at the squirting flower gag, please.

He he.

That and the dainty way he’s holding the horn.

Next time- some patterns for the Police and Fire Rescue Vehicles collection!


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