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Superheroes re-imagined! (part 4)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 8, 2009

More sketches! I showed a few here…

And I showed you some finished bits here and here.

Now- some more squiggles. I’d like to add these were all drawn in my little tiny sketchbook I bought at the

Art Institute store (about 3 x 4) with a grooovy painting of Ganesh on the cover.


Robin Daredevil superheroes reimagined childrens art George Berlin

It’s Robin and the DareDevil! I like that Robin looks, oh,only a few years younger than he is in the comics. I wanted asort of cheesy TV show Robin.

Robin Batman superheroes reimagined childrens art George Berlin

Then it was time to make them a bit younger- this is like

Batman is the ‘cool older kid’ (y’know, 8 or 9) that little

tyke Robin looks up to.

Batman has the big boy bike while Robin has the kick scooter.

He so cool!

I like the bat wings on the back of the bike, and the logo on the front. Reminds me of the all crap we used to put on our bikes as kids to try and look cool- like playing cards in the spokes or those fake plastic motorcycle thingies.

One more…


I was thinking of the henchmen in all the old Batman episodes- always looked like longshoremen to me.

Turtlenecks and knit hats. My darlin’ explained it as they were supposed to be beatnik hippie types.

Who knows- loved it though…more sketches next time!


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