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Gods and Monsters! (part 1)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 17, 2009

Okay, so it’s only gods this time…

A little backstory here.

My friend Kevin Lahvic (a fantastical artist whose work I truly admire) told me about a show I should enter at Nerve Gallery in Oak Park next month entitled “Who’s you deity? ”

First off, love the title. Secondly- heck yeah!

Here’s Zeus:

Zeus George Berlin animation art

Maybe I’ll give him some bigger lightning bolts. But I love that he’s floating on a little tiny- cloud complete with raindrops!

Second favorite- Pan!

Pan god George Berlin animation art

Since he’s all nature-y and whatnot, I figure some grass, a flower and of course a cute woodland critter by his side.

That and Pan is sort of the god of Manliness, so I made sure he was good and hairy. That and I wanted him to be a bit goofy and naive, so he’s wagging his little goat tail.


Here’s a few flops for ya- Vulcan and Hermes:

Vulcan Hermes Greek and Roman gods George Berlin animation art

Vulcan is the right idea (he was always mentioned as disabled in some way) but he just looks like Animal from the Muppets in a wheelchair- with a hammer. And Hermes, well… some baby got himself a hard hat and he’s running around with it.

And lastly, one of my personal favorites- Ganesh!

Ganesh Asian gods George Berlin animation art

I never noticed he has 4 arms-huh… Anyway, he’s shown alternately in quiet repose as well as dancing, so I tried both. I also figured, y’know, he’s always kind of plump and happy looking- I bet the guy likes to eat.

So, yes, that is a bag of peanuts in his left hand. C’mon, he is part elephant…

I added the mug of booze in that other hand, but I might take it out- not sure if that offends somebody’s religious beliefs or not. Have to look into what he actually is about.

Did see at the Art Institute yesterday that he is referred to as “The Remover of Obstacles.”

Wow, that would be a good title on my business card, eh?

Next time- some movie monsters!


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