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Gods and Monsters! (part 3)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 19, 2009

Last time, I showed you some gods sketches…

Here’s the finals on a few of them.

First- Pan!

Pan gods reimagined George Berlin animation art

I originally was going to give him a ‘Pan flute’ (which is named after him- duh!) but I didn’t like the way it looked in his hand. I dig that he’s sort of just a naughty, hairy little goat boy here.

I wanted a scene reminiscent of the ‘Pastoral’ scene from Disney’s Fantasia. He’s always shown very at one with nature, etc. so I added a flower, some grass a much too happy little bunny.

However, after seeing it, I think it was a bit more inspired by the following image (which used to be my profile picture for a while…)

Curious George and bunny George Berlin animation art


Here’s Ganesh- such a happy guy!

Ganesh gods reimagined George Berlin art animation

I decided to skip having him with a mug of booze- thought somebody might get offended. I did, however, stick with the bag of peanuts- y’know like the ones you get from the circus.

I mean, c’mon, god or not… if you have the head of an elephant you’re going to really crave a bag of peanuts every so often. You just couldn’t resist!

I also wholeheartedly stole the rainbow background I mean… “added the rainbow background in homage to”… an artist whose work I own and really admire- Alice Dubois!

I own the piece entitled “Ghost Finch” on that page- go buy some of her awesome stuff!

Next time… more gods and monsters!


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