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Work Stuff! (Edgar Degas)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 21, 2009

So, I showed a bit of work-related stuff here last time…

Now for some completely different looking work.

This is work for Getting to Know, Inc, an educational media company I work for most of the time which produces art videos about the lives of famous painters  based on this series of best-selling children’s book by Mike Venezia (who, I’d like to add, is a really great guy!)

This is some rough animation (with finished backgrounds and color) for the next video in the series “Edgar Degas”

Here we have a bunch of Impressionists painting outside, something Edgar wasn’t too fond of apparently (he’s the cranky fellow in the long yellow coat).

You see, although he was “the leader” there were a lot of things he didn’t care for that the rest did. Like painting on the spot.

This is just basic animation- no voice over or “finessing” really.

I’m rather proud of the design on this shot. The main thing I like is the background.

It’s watercolored (by me, as well) in a bunch of sections and then scanned in and digitally cut out and layered on top of or behind people in the scene to create the feeling of depth.

Here’s some of the parts before they were cut up:

Edgar Degas George Berlin animation Mike Venezia art

I like that the finished version just looks like one big painting, rather than the 20 or so parts it’s ACTUALLY made up of.

Next time- another scene from Edgar Degas (the disastrous first Impressionist Exhibit!)


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