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Character Design: Babies!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 23, 2009

So, I’m kicking around the idea of getting into illustration- y’know, for print or advertising or maybe even kiddie books too.

I’ve actually spent 6 or 7 years working with children’s author Mike Venezia on a series of educational art videos which I mentioned the process of in these two posts (1 and 2) so it’s not TOO much of a stretch.

That and I draw like a 10 year old already.

So I’ve been looking into this sort of thing. It’s not a bad idea to diversify in these lean times.

Anyway, I notice all the illustration portfolios I’ve seen have people in almost every image. And, uh, my art is a lot of ponies and dogs and weird critters and things like that. The few people I feature, well, they look sort of like the critters, really.

I says to myself, I says… we gotta design some humanoids!

So I figured I’d start at the beginning- with babies!

cartoon babies George Berlin animation art

The very nice children’s illustrator rep I spoke with Maggie said I should have a portfolio of “children of various ethnicities in action poses.” So I whipped up a few kids of different ages, wearing various outfits and so on.

I really like that they just look like little jelly beans. Babies ARE kind of just little blobs like that.

I also like the kid in the tie- looks sort of like when they dress you up for church as a young-un. Clip on tie and all…

Here’s a little kid with a hammer…

Cartoon babies George Berlin animation art

I was thinking about that thing where you have a couple of pegs that you hammer into a board with holes the same shape, but I don’t think I drew this from a good view to see it well, so I opted to make this “Shop class”.

I think this kid is a bit older- they don’t usually give nails to babies…

And now, my personal favorite- the running little kid:

Cartoon babies George Berlin animation art

Jolly little chap, isn’t he? Maybe next I’ll work on some ah-dults.

So what do you think of my fantastical new kiddie designs?


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