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Character Design: Growed-ups!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 26, 2009

I showed you some kiddie designs here and here earlier…

On to the ah-dults!

Illustration George Berlin animation art

I spend a lot of time on buses and trains- so this was an easy choice. I like the slightly glum face on the guy. Nobody’s ever happy to be on the bus. They zone out with some tunes or a book and wait it out.

The girl is a bit 1950’s, I think. I may have to do some style studying to do some hipper young folks. I like the background, however.  I’m really into things with gaskets and edgings and shiny trim and rubber and funny little details.

Illustration George Berlin animation art

I was aiming for something a little weirder here. You never know what people will want illustrations of- one I saw in my virtual travels was of a guy spacing out on the couch with some pizza boxes and other junk cluttered around his living room and a few cats and a beat-up old TV.

So who knows? I like the guy and his goat…

And lastly- the coffee shop!

coffee shop Illustration George Berlin animation art

That guy on the phone- love his pose and attitude! He’s in every coffee shop I’ve ever been in! And that hipper guy, in his hoodie and jammin’ out to some tunes while he slooooowly sips that java and uses the free internet is great too.

And there’s always one guy who’s just sort of lost, like the one on the right. Like, wait, this is just a place that sells COFFEE, right?

Next time- some illustration environments!


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