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Character Design: Environments!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on February 27, 2009

So here, we had ah-dults…

and here were kids, more kids and babies!

But hey, they all gotta live somewhere, right?

Illustration George Berlin animation art

This was my first foray into drawing places for the little peoples to be… you can see the car here that I stole (from myself) in the design for my next short film “The Bee’s Knees”.

Then, I made a diner:

George Berlin illustration animation art

I’ve always loved diners like this. Long story short- my Dad used to take me with him as a kid to go run errands on Saturdays and we’d always end up at the little cafeteria they used to have at K-Mart back in the day (anyone else remember these?) They even had this thing- pop a balloon and the price inside the balloon was how much you’d pay for a banana split!

I just loved going there with him. I know, sounds corny- going to a crappy little cafe at K-Mart. But I was a kid and my Dad is gone now and I really miss him a lot…

That and this is based a good deal on my current favorite diner- The Cozy Corner!

If you’re ever in Chicago (or live here) and don’t go… you’ll never forgive yourself.

Here’s my favorite, perspective-wise:

George Berlin illustration animation art

I might do a couple of these, with more going on. Sort of a ‘sights and sounds of the big city’ kind of thing. Add in people walking down the street, hanging out the window, stores, buses, etc etc.

It’ll be fun!

More later…


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