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George Berlin joins Gallery 203!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on March 1, 2009

So, I’ve joined Gallery 203 in the historic Flat Iron Building (in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood)


gallery 203 flat iron chicago

It will be the regular home of  my art (mind you, they won’t have room for every single thing I paint, but the cream of the crop will be there…)

They’ve got a bunch of good artists (okay, only 5) such as…

Matthew Morgan!

Matt is a great pop artist as well as a fine musician- I actually just formed a band with him!

We’re still working on our name and repetoire, but it’s acoustic and kinda folky- with me on upright bass,

Matt on Guitar and vocals and Dave on guitar, banjo (!) and accordian.

Should be a good ol’ hootenanny!

Here’s some of Matt’s music to get an idea of how we’ll sound (the first song here is one we play as a group now…)

I may even make an animated video for that song (more on that later)



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