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Work Stuff (animated doggies!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on March 6, 2009

As you may have guessed, I’ve been a bit busy with work and a new gallery and a band and all…


So I haven’t posted any awesome drawings lately. I’ve made some, just been real busy working and so on.

Here’s some work stuff I’ve been doing for animatics (test commercials for ad agencies to send to focus groups to see how their ideas are working)

I showed you a few of these for some candy bar company earlier…

Happy beagle pups! At least my work ain’t just stamping form letters or something, right?

There’s more to this scene, but I really can’t show the actual commercial yet, due to confidentiality issues with the advertising agency. I know…

Here’s what I was given to animate this from- just one drawing of a beagle!

Beagle puppy animation George Berlin art

Basically, we have this awesome morphing plug-in doodad that let’s us put points on the dog to bend like joints in a skeleton.

That and many hours spent studying my own little doggie helps, too.

I mentioned some of my studies of my pooch, Thunder back here when I was showing drawings for a sleeping bumblebee that looked very much like a dog.

More later- back to work!!


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