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What do you wanna be when you grow up (part 1 of Many!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on March 13, 2009

So…where to begin with this one?

Well, I was doing this and that online in between outputting animation for work (I get, maybe, a 2 minute break here and there).

Anyway, I see one of those dumb ‘pick your career’ online trade degree program ads with a million little iconic looking people on it (doctors, welders, etc etc)for a flash of a second on a page and it somehow stuck in my brain.

I thought, huh, I could do that.

Kinna like when I heard LadySmith Black Mambazo as I mentioned in this post about how their concert spawned a film fest favorite for the kiddies!

So I started doodling various iconic “archetypes,” if you will. I started with these two:

Angel Devil archetypes icons George Berlin animation art

I’m not sure why the devil has a bow tie, but it’s just kind of funny. Devils are always very well dressed, it seems. I like that the angel has a halo on a stick, too.

Then, these guys…

Artist animator doctor robot sketches George Berlin animation art

If that dirtbag artist guy looks familiar, well…

I work a lot in advertising, so all the ‘people’ in ads are always very iconic- doctors in white lab coats, artist with a funny hat and a smock, etc. So this was pretty fun for me.

I also got to thinking, hmm, this sounds as much like a list of ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?” that a little kid would make. So that’s why I added some robots, etc that kids want to be when they get older. I remember some little niece or niece’s friend or something who said she wanted to be a pony when she grew up.

The guy with a TV for a head was suggested by a co-worker as what an animator should look like. Hmm, that’s how they view us, eh?

One more for now…

basketball player soccer player George Berlin animation art

I also got to thinking- how many kids wanna be a sports hero when they grow up?

I know I sure did- I wanted to be Pele’ the soccer star!

That’s him on the right… the one on the left is just the Larry Bird style tall pasty white guy basketball player.

If you read through a few of these, you’ll see some of the things I wanted to be as a kid (but never grew up to be for one reason or another) as well as some things I ACTUALLY DID  grow up to be, that I never dreamt of being as a kid! How’s THAT work?

Next time, some more scribbles of icons from childhood!


5 Responses to “What do you wanna be when you grow up (part 1 of Many!)”

  1. mntornado said

    So who says we have to grow up? 🙂
    It’s fun to let the kid in me out from time to time. Helps to keep me from taking life too seriously. Actually I never made up my mind on what I wanted to be until I graduated from high school. By the time my interests were mostly in science and electronics. So what did I do? I went to a technical college to learn to be an Electronics Technician (back in the 60’s and 70’s they called them trade schools). After working my way up the ladder to Engineering Technician with 30 years of experience, I found that most of the jobs in that area were disappearing. So I went back to school to pursue my other interests in art and computer programming. Since I had taking shop courses in drafting, wood shop, metals shop, photography, and art class, I decided to try my hand in mechanical drafting. Back in the mid 90’s, I had a choice between Architectural and Mechanical Drafting. I ended up taking the Mechanical Design and Drafting course. I also took some computer programming courses along the way. You can never learn too much. Back in the 90’s most animation was still being done by hand, and I had this idea, because of the computer aided drafting software that I was learning to use, that this same software could be used for art work as well. No one ever took me seriously back then. Well guess what folks, I find that not only was I right, the CAD software companies figure this out also and helped to give birth to the new digital art mania that is going on today. George is the first animation artist that I’ve met who actually uses some of the very same software that I’ve used in drafting. It’s getting to be a small world.

    • eyeofthehurricane99 said

      I’m not growing up any time soon, nosiree.

      You’re right- I find life always has something new to try out- I even find myself enjoying some things I thought I wouldn’t like earlier on, like web design and technical stuff.

      So who know’s what either of us will be when we grow up (whenever that is…)


  2. mntornado said


    It’s nice to see that you have a sense of humor much like mine.

    I have to admit also that I’m like a kid with a new toy when new hardware, software, or some other technology comes out that tickles my fancy. I have been on this earth 59 going on 60 years and I’ve seen a great deal of technology change. As you can well imagine, I remember a world before personal or super computers, calculators, cell phones, and the list goes on an on. That’s one of the reasons I’m doing a technology history theme and book also. I was born and grew up before transistors were even on the scene. I remember picking up the telephone and getting an operator asking “Number Please?”. I have a friend in Canada who is even older than I am who is also into technology. We have spent time talking about the changes in the way we wash our clothes and the changes in the washing machine. She grew up washing clothes with three tubs and a wash board. So I think you can see why I’m so enthralled with technology. And I’m the baby of the family. My brother has 7 more years of experience on me. I’m just a kid I guess and will probably never grow up. 🙂

    • eyeofthehurricane99 said

      My mom had one of those big circular tubs with a handle-turned ringer on the top when we were kids!! Good, good stuff.

      I’m not quite your age (38 this year) but even I remember walking around as a kid, feeling pretty damn cool with my mono AM radio headset (with only one ear piece…)

      Hey, here’s a blog you’ll really like:

      Lots of tube stuff, old story records and wind-up toys and ancient state-of-the-art technology.


  3. mntornado said

    Regency TR-1: Igniting the Transistor Revolution
    The first commercial transistor radio – the $49.95 Regency TR-1 – was introduced in late 1954 by the Regency division of an Indianapolis-based manufacturing company.

    I remember those, but my memory is that there were larger transistor radios that came out before that one. I will have to check that out with my brother to see what he remembers. That was such a long time ago.

    Thanks for the link.

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