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What do you wanna be when you grow up (part 3 of Many!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on March 15, 2009

Part  1 was here and part 2 was here…

On to some more!

dinosaur fairy monkey rockstar cartoon animation art George Berlin

I sure liked dinosaurs as a kid- that and robots were some of my favorite things ever. I think I was a robot for Halloween 2 or 3 times as a kid…

Like I said, I’m sure some kids wanted to grow up as monkeys or dinosaurs. I always thought it was cool that monkeys had tails to hang from and an extra set of thumbs on their foot. C’mon, how cool would that be, to just swing your tail around and answer the phone at work while you keep typing or eating lunch or something?

I never thought I’d be a musician, but I do remember with an incredible sense of awe hearing an electric guitar for the first time. It was at this ‘youth center’ place we used to hang out as kids (the YAC) and they’d have teen stuff in the evenings sometimes after the kiddie stuff in the daytime.

Anyway, some dude was playing his gee-tar live there one night. I’d never heard anything like it! It just blew my mind- I remember asking my dad what that sound was and he told me ‘electric guitar’ and it was totally a note to self right then and there to get one later! So, ahem, I’ve been a rockstar-in-training from about 8 years of age.

The fairy, well, that’s for you girlies out there. I thought of some of the ‘Comic-Con’ chicks who still love dressing up that way.

Next time- skaters, mechanics, lawyers and guys with axes!


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