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What do you wanna be when you grow up? (part 5 of many)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on March 17, 2009

Here were parts 1 2 3 and4…

Now, onto the good stuff- what we all REALLY wanted to be when we were kids…

astronaut fireman cowboy sketches cartoon George Berlin animation art

I reaaaaaaaaally wanted to be an astronaut as a kid- I had photos of the moon landing pasted all over my room! I especially wanted to drive that moon rover over lunar hills in zero gravity! How fun would that be?

But I soon learned a few things- you have to join the Air Force and be a pilot to go to the moon and I wasn’t too interested in people bossing me around all day. And I discovered you’d have to learn all kinds of scientific stuff, too.  I wasn’t too excited about that idea when I was growing up. So I moved on. Still…if there was a way…

I like the cowboy because his clothing is so simple and yet distinctive- put some squares on his shirt and -voila! Instant cowboy! That and I dig the stubble. Real men ain’t got time to shave in the morning when there’s cows to punch…

The fireman’s fun, too. Fireman just have cool stuff, don’t they? I mean, those hats don’t HAVE to look that cool to work properly. But it’s not hurting them, either. If I’d known how much the girlies like fireman, maybe I’d have made different career plans as a young lad…

This brings me to a funny point. I don’t usually give my characters actual feet. Usually, they have little curvy stumps- like the astronaut. But sometimes, as with the cowboy and the fireman, the shoes make the man, if you will.

I mean, the hat helps…but what’s a fireman or cowboy without them shoes?

Well, here’s some more:

Nascar baseball player cartoon art animation George Berlin

On to some more sports dudes… I didn’t even remember until now how much I liked race cars when I was young. I liked stock cars and stuff.                                                          I mean, c’mon, who DIDN ‘T want to grow up to get paid to drive really fast as a kid?  Well, I guess probably girls.

I like the ball player there. I like his “yup, I’m awesome” stance. Kinda Babe Ruth-ish.

I reworked how to show that he was chawin’ some terbacky a few ways, as you can see in the drawing. Originally I had it in both cheeks, with him spitting also. A little much, I thought. So he’s not spitting, and it’s in his right cheek only. Works nice, I think.

One more…

Ninja magician cartoon animation art sketches George Berlin

I think every boy wanted to be a ninja and/or magician as a kid. I remember that one friend who somehow got his hands on some actual Chinese throwing stars.

Dangerous, yeah? But I seem to recall we’d just toss them at the corkboard in his kitchen. Ninja were (I mean ‘are’) cool.

I remember my sister and I putting on a magic act for our parents. You know, making stuff disappear and other hokey tricks that they pretended they believed. The best was putting someone in the closet, closing the door, then saying the magic words and when I reopened it- they were gone!

Wow, magic!

Okay, so the person just stepped back in the closet. But we thought it would fool someone. Anyway, I got the idea in the middle of that trick once to just leave my sister in the closet and go on with the show. You always want your sister to disappear when you’re a kid.

So I’m sure I donned a cape and fake moustache a time or two to put on a magic show. Ahh, memories!

Next time… some *cough* choices for the girlies…


4 Responses to “What do you wanna be when you grow up? (part 5 of many)”

  1. Ms. SP said

    I wanted to be a zoo keeper. Do you have one for me?

  2. Susan Berlin-Sanders said

    I just want to know which sister it was that you tried to make disappear! Probably all 6 of us! LOL Hope it wasn’t me! Susie

    • eyeofthehurricane99 said

      Actually, it was Phyllis…


      And it seems it’s worked- I haven’t seen her in years! Or, uh, maybe she’s just in Japan.

      Now it seems, well, I just can’t rid of ANY of you!

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