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A superhero dog commision!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on March 19, 2009

So, I’ve done a commission or two here and there…

This will be my second for this particular fan of my work.

Here’s a photo of the first painting in its natural environment:

Dog painting commision George Berlin animation art

I know, you were expecting a posed little perty puppy painting, right?

Not with me! She asked for a painting of her dog as a superhero over the Chicago skyline for her husband.

I mean come on, how could I resist? I likes me some superheroes, as you may know…

Zebo is a ‘schnoodle’ by the way (schnauzer + poodle).  I actually had him sit for me (get it?) while I sketched him one day. He was in fact,

quite a good little model.

No, we didn’t throw him up in the air so I could draw him flying… I used my imagination.

Anyway, her husband liked it so much, he put it up in his office. So, now they want another one for the house. Cool, right?

She’s a big fan of Cap’n America (whom I painted here) so this time, it’s Captain Zebo!

Dog painting commission George Berlin animation art

She wanted this one a little different-hence the new alter ego and locale. I figured, what’s saving New York without

a huge raging ape climbing the Chrysler building, right?  I know Cap’n  America doesn’t wear a cape, but Zebo just looks nekkid without it.

This digital color test is what I’ll use to make the final piece (about 24 x 30) by connecting my computer to a video projector and blowing it up

onto a canvas.  I quite often use my little sketches this way with an overhead projector (like you’d use in grade school) by tracing them onto plastic

sheets. I like to work out my doodles and then just paint on the canvas- no designing on the canvas! I did this with the superhero paintings here (the

sketches were maybe only an inch or two high!)

I think I’ll go with a blue frame on this one instead of the red I used for Super Zebo. More Cap’n like.

Whatcha think? I’ll post the final here shortly (I’ll be working on it today).


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