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My Gallery 203 show in February

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on March 21, 2009

As I mentioned here…

I’ve joined me a group gallery in the Flat Iron building in the Wicker Park arts district.

Nice, eh?

Anyway, the month before that, I had a solo show as the featured artist there. That’s how I met the nice people in the first place.

Here’s the spread:

George Berlin animation art Gallery 203 Flat Iron

A few things of note- those signs under the big dumptruck read ‘Explore my masculine side’ and ‘Explore my feminine side’ respectively.

I had the girlier art (unicorns, rainbows, lady bugs, etc) on the left side and the manlier stuff (dogs, superheroes, dinosaurs, etc) on the right side of the big pink dumptruck (which I think, speaks to both sides…)

I was also very proud of the incredible shrinking dogs all the way on the right. I believe the first two are 8 x8 and then they go down to about an inch and a half square. Teeny.

A closer shot of some art here:

George Berlin animation art Gallery 203 Flat Iron

This piece is still available if you just can’t live without a 5 x 6 foot painting of a pink dumptruck, by the way. A steal at $2200

That little pink button underneath it is a sound playback device. It plays a snippet of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” when you push it (that’s the name of the painting).

The sculpture in front is by gallery artist Andrea Ginsburg. Good stuff.

Here’s some of the swag:

George Berlin animation art Gallery 203 Flat Iron

Those are some little shadow boxes on the right there… don’t think I’ve talked about them much. Basically, multi-level cut-outs of balsa wood that are painted and mounted 3 dimensionally. Cool, eh?

I had this TV there to play some of my cartoonies during the show- cross marketing, what the heck, right?

Cartoonies, such as this one of mine…

You can also see my reflection in the TV if you look reaaaaaallly hard…

More later!


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