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My band playing this Tuesday! (FREE TATER TOTS!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on March 22, 2009

Er, so I know this is an art blog and all…

And this post has nothing to do with art! Yeah!!

Just the art of enjoying life, that is.

This Tuesday at Mahoney’s pub and grille in Chicago my band “Black Bottle Junction” will be playing a few songs at their open mic.  Did I mention the free tater tot buffet at this bar? Heck, come just for that!

We’re not bad, either. We have one whole song on our website (did I mention we’re only about a month old?) There’s more, of course, but not up there. We’re kinda folky acousticy rocking stuff with a little hee-haw here and there…

Oh yeah, and a nickel to whoever can figure out what the name means (and the way I phrased the question was a hint right there…)


Here’s the bar’s website for more info…

Mahoney’s Pub and Grille

Be there!


3 Responses to “My band playing this Tuesday! (FREE TATER TOTS!)”

  1. Michele aka griot said

    I wish it were going to be Saturday, when I’ll be in town. I would love to hear your band!

  2. Michele aka griot said

    It wouldn’t be an easy drag!

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