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A random doggie doodle…

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on March 29, 2009

Here’s a silly little puppy I made while I should have been working…

Puppy cartoon animation art George Berlin

I think dogs are the same way about treats as kids are about the cookie jar.

If they could, they’d be up on the counter popping the treat jar open to sneak one when nobody’s looking, I’m sure!

That and my dog loves to sneak into the kitchen very very quietly when he sees I’m distracted after we’ve just cleaned up after dinner or put food away or something.

Usually, if I can’t hear him, he’s up to something sneaky. He always acts all sly and then, of course, has that incredibly unconvincing “um, I wasn’t doing anything” face on when he comes out of the kitchen.

Li’l Rascal. Gotta love him, though.


2 Responses to “A random doggie doodle…”

  1. MNTornado said

    Your doggy story can actually be applied to just about ever four legged animal and birds. I have had dogs, cats, rabbits, parakeets, parrots, and horses. Every one of them were sneak thieves and would try to figure out a way to get what they wanted whether by trying to connive it out of me or by trying to sneak around me and get it with out my knowing it. I think that parrots (as well as any bird) are sneakier and trickier, because they tend to be smarter. I have also seen Raccoons put off some pretty smart and sneaky maneuvers to get what they want. My so, who drives a school bus, tells me about the problems they have to Raccoons getting into the school buses looking for food and to stay warm, even though the bus is locked. I also have talked to people about the problems they have with trying to keep squirrels out of their bird feeders. I saw a video of some tests that were done by someone to see if it’s possible to out smart a squirrel. So far they haven’t succeeded.

    • eyeofthehurricane99 said

      Yeah, I’ve seen raccoons holding the lid to the trash with one hand and tossing things out of the can with the other!

      That, and I’ve had cats that learned to open bi-fold doors, escape from carriers that are latched (while I was watching and I STILL couldn’t tell how he did it!)

      And I still remember standing by the window to a pet shop eating a granola bar- and the parrot inside the store had his tongue against the window trying to get to it from inside!

      Animals are sly, for sure!

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