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Construction Vehicles collections (re-visited!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on April 16, 2009

I’m back!

Been a busy couple of weeks there. Perhaps I’ll post some work type stuff in a bit (always have to wait for clearance on that, so we’ll see…)

Right now, though, it’s back to my future career- licensing art for products!

I showed you some of these ‘collections’ earlier, but we’ll talk about the construction collection in particular this time.

Anyways, I was looking over my collections and I says to myself, y’know the construction one looks pretty different from say… the police and fire rescue collections. Hmm.

So I’m going to re-design the vehicles to be more cohesive with the police and fire rescue ones, and also so they’re more curvy and cute and ‘kid-friendly’. I feel like they’re a bit too hard-edged for the kiddies right now.

Here’s my first sketches- I’m feeling pretty good about these:

dinosaurs dumptrucks construction toys childrens art animation George Berlin licensing

It’s still pretty similar to this one… but I wanted curvier tires and softer edges on the dumper (and a simpler dumper, too).  I just felt the other one had too much detail for where I want to take this.  I likes!

Here’s some sketches of the steamroller:

dinosaurs construction vehicles steamroller kids childrens art animation licensing George Berlin

This one’s tough! I really don’t like the long things coming down to the steamroller wheels. I like the cab on the top one. The bottom one is just some mutant monster truck. Hmm.

This one’s hard because real steamrollers are kinna square and mechanical looking. And the tires need to be huge to be cute (I wanted them to feel inflated almost) but that means that the things going to the wheels have to be long, too.

Those were close.  This one, however, hit the nail much more squarely on the head for me:

dinosaurs construction vehicles earthmover steamroller kids childrens art animation licensing George Berlin

The steamroller here is much better! This one was a bit too mechanical for me…

There’s something about being able to see the far side of that thing that goes down to the wheels that makes if feel more like a steamroller and less like a big cab on wheels (they’re both golden and have stripey things on the side!)

I also have an earthmover in that doodle because I’m trying to cute that up, too.

Less detail on the treads and a softer edges to the bucket and so on. Here’s the original one of that, too.

Whatcha think?

Hopefully next time I’ll have some finished art of these… until then…


2 Responses to “Construction Vehicles collections (re-visited!)”

  1. Michele said

    I do like the softer lines better. Seems more kid friendly. I wouldn’t mind my grandson playing on it .

    • eyeofthehurricane99 said

      Aw shucks…well that’s what I was going for I guess.

      The other ones seemed a bit, er, “too real.”

      Look out Fisher-Price… here I come!


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