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Construction Vehicles collections (re-visited!) part 2

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on April 17, 2009

So, I showed some sketches of these construction vehicles yesterday…

Now, on to the real thing!

Steamroller construction vehicles dinosaurs childrens kids art licensing animation George Berlin

I like how this steamroller turned out! The wheels are squishy… the cab of it feels just right, but still looks curvy and fun. And I like the solid side piece going down to the wheels, too.

I’ve already sketched out a dinosaur to fit in here, and he does so very nicely, thank you.

The truck turned out nicely, too…

Truck construction vehicles dinosaurs childrens kids art licensing animation George Berlin triceratops

I’d like to take a moment to comment on the irony of a dinosaur with a head plate made entirely of solid bone wearing a little teeny plastic hard hat to protect himself…


I added a cab to this one! The last truck didn’t have that (or my sketch for that matter). This part was weird because I wanted to make sure the cab was in proportion to the truck, yet I needed to squeeze a big-headed dinosaur inside of it.

Then I somehow figured out- hey! why don’t I just have him popping right out of the front of it! Brilliant, I say, brilliant!

I also realized, I may have a collection of just the trucks (no dogs or dinosaurs inside) so I wanted one that looks like a normal truck, too.

The tires have a nice balance between huge and just plain blobby, which I really like. And the curvy-er (and enlarged) “features” on the front of the truck such as headlights and bumpers, etc make it so much more kid friendly.

I’m hoping to finish up the earth mover and maybe do some pattern designs today, so I’ll post those tomorrow!

Yeah dinosaurs!


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