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Construction Vehicles collections (re-visited!) part 3

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on April 18, 2009

As I mentioned when I showed you some sketches here…

I’m doodling some revised construction vehicles for my licensing collections.

I showed you the dumptruck and the steamroller yesterday.

Now, on to the bulldozer!

Bulldozer construction vehicles dinosaurs childrens art kids animation George Berlin licensing

C’mon, like you wouldn’t want your house demolished by that cute little thing…

I like how fat the treads look and how simple the little knobby things on them are.  They feel like they’re inflatable!!

I felt like the old one was a little too hard-edged and detailed and stuff.

I also really like the soft edges on the bucket in the front.

I just realized- I also have to re-do the crane!

Oops! Maybe I’ll re-use the treads from this one…


My main problem with the crane was the extraneous detail on the extending crane part itself.

Too busy. That and all the curvy and cute concerns I’m fixing with these others. Next time!


One Response to “Construction Vehicles collections (re-visited!) part 3”

  1. Ms. SP said

    How about putting a male cow taking a nap in there? Ha! Get it? Do ya? Do ya?

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