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Construction Vehicles collections (re-visited!) part 4

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on April 19, 2009

So, on to fixing up more of the finished art that I showed you in this post…

I showed you the bull dozer here. And mentioned that, um, I needed to fix up the crane that I showed you here as well.

Hmm. How should I do that?

Hey, I know! I’ll rip a few parts off the bulldozer and slap on a crane and cover a few things up and it’ll work perfect.

Uh, like this:

Crane construction vehicles dinosaurs childrens kids art animation licensing George Berlin

I really like this better than what I had before. The crane before had all these distracting things- what do they call them? Oh yeah… details!

Too many crissy crossing lines on the crane itself  and the treads weren’t cute enough and the cab was too “designed looking” and so on.

This one looks like a lot more fun!

Let’s go wreck some stuff!

Next time, I hope to have some of the patterns and maybe some of the items the patterns go on designed (plates, cups, jammies, etc)

Until then…


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