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Police and Fire Rescue…re-visited, too!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on April 21, 2009

You may remember way back here…

I was also working on a collection of Police and Fire Rescue vehicles and accessories.

Well, I’m back to working on them.

So far, I’ve shown you collections and patterns. Well, there’s also “product mock-ups” to do.

This shows a manufacturer how your images could be utilized. Basically, you want dollar signs to pop up in their eyes and that “cha-ching!” noise to ring in their ears when they see your image on products.

So here’s a few product mock-ups for the Police Rescue force (I’ll be doing these for all the collections shortly, so stay tuned)…

Backpack water bottle childrens art kids licensing animation police car George Berlin

I’m still working on these (you can see a little junk in the coloring and cutting out process) because I’m just starting to

get a feel for how I want to design some of these and/or what products to put them on.

But I like these so far! I created the Police Rescue Force with a red white and blue color scheme because the cars have white and the sirens are blue and red. Also, blue is a classic color associated with police, and police toys always go for a sort of heroic, patriotic, all- American feel  so I figure the colors of the flag are good there, too.

Dang, I sound all “marketing-y” don’t I?


On the technical side of things… these are just product photos  taken from websites  (usually places that print custom logos on things, etc) which I erase any brand names, etc from and then make them gray so I can color them however I’d like.

For example, I’ll use this same backpack for the construction collection later, but just color it safety orange or blue.

Right now, I’m kinda feeling my way through how to present these, etc. Not bad though, eh?

Here’s the logos on some party cups!

Police vehicles car helicopter motorcycle art childrens licensing kids animation George Berlin

These are 3D cups I created, which I then just slapped the images and borders onto. I don’t usually show the borders here… they’re a bit dull just by themselves. They’re more as accents on plates, napkins, the tops of gift bags, etc.   All of these together (cups, backpacks, etc) give a one view idea of the color scheme and how they look together as a group.

What do you think, eh? Wouldn’t you like these for your birthday party…?

I’ll be re-using these cups for the construction collection, too.  And all the others! I’ve got a whiteboard here in the office with about 12 different collections on it that I’m working on.

You’ll be hearing alot about them in the near future! I’m planning to get all of it done by July 15th.

And now, on to one of my favorites- the jammies!

Police vehicles car helicopter motorcycle art childrens licensing kids animation George Berlin pajamas

I think I had a pair of jammies as a young lad with trains on them that I reeeeeeaaaaalllly liked or something, because I get all warm and fuzzy looking at these.

Basically, a couple of the patterns from earlier outlined like a pair of jammies.

C’mon, like you don’t want a pair?

Oh yeah, and those patterns in the background on all of these are part of the page layout for presentation-when it’s done these will be a two page collection packet with little badges and sirens and stuff on them.


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