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Backpacks! (Construction and Police Rescue Force)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on April 23, 2009

So last time I showed you some lunchboxes for my

Construction and Police Rescue Force collections…

Now- on to the backpacks!

Dinosaurs construction vehicles bulldozer dump truck childrens art kids licensing animation George Berlin

Huh? What do you think about them apples…?

As I mentioned in the last post with the lunchboxes… I started thinking, hey! I can put stuff in the pockets!!

Well, not really IN the pockets but I can make it look like they’re in the pockets by printing them on the backpack halfway out of the pocket…

like I do here.  It’s kinda cool, ain’t it?

I really like the designs on the straps, too. I have a hoodie that has cool stuff on the outside, but I also like the design on the inside even if no one sees it.

It’s interesting designing products. I have to think of coordinating colors and whether I need a little white trim here to separate things and what color should the low key design in the

background be on a particular color and so on. I like it!

Here’s the Police Rescue Force backpacks…

Police car motorcycle helicopter childrens art kids licensing animation George Berlin

A few things I really liked about these… the Rescue badge on the straps of the right backpack worked nicely for me. It’s kind of Superman-y, which I like.

I also really like the badges on the red on the left one, and the CB’s curving around the backpack on it. And the red straps.

The right one is nice with the pattern and the white. And I dig the CB hanging out the pocket and the big badge on the top. Both different, but nice!

You can also see a little glitch in the background between the two packs where I left a big blue square over the circular shape. Hehe.

I have a few “quality control” things to finish up before I can finalize these. Actually, except for QC and writing all the descriptive product copy…

The Police Rescue Force and the Construction Dinos collections are just about done!

I need probably 8-12 collections to take these to an agent, so I’m gonna be a busy boy in the next few months!!

I saw something in a magazine that reminded me… I have a Railroad and trains collection I’m going to work on soon, too.

Should be fun- along the lines of these two collections, it’ll be curvy and blobby and fun-looking. Maybe with dogs and/or dinosaurs driving.


I also have a “Dogs on Wheels” collection I’m working on…in race cars, motorcycles, planes, trains, unicycles… you name it.

Bye for now!

4 Responses to “Backpacks! (Construction and Police Rescue Force)”

  1. Michele Farris said

    Okay, I want one of those backpacks.

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