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Uni-corns! Some girlie collections (part 5)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on May 1, 2009


You thought the LAST post was all girlie…

Wait until you see this one!

ponies unicorns pink makeup jewelry childrens art licensing animation kids George Berlin

Yup. A unicorn and pegasus umbrella. A big pink one!

This, was in fact, inspired by real life. I saw a guy walking down the street yesterday, holding a real-live unicorn over his head to

shield himself from the rain. Honest.

Okay, not really.

But I DID see this little girl bopping down the street with her Mom, carrying a cartoony umbrella in the rain the other morning as I was walking my dog.

And I thought to myself- hey! I can do that!!

So I did.

I like the panels each being one character and its accesories. Not bad, eh?


ponies unicorns pink makeup jewelry childrens art licensing animation kids George Berlin

My licensing consultant recommended I go for the coveted ‘tween’ market (12-14 year old girls) since these cute little

ponies are a little tongue in cheek/ironical.

So I’m doing some hair stuff. Like that barrette right there.

(is it wrong that I know to call it a “barrette” by the way? I have many, many older sisters)

Tell me you honestly that you don’t want one…

Or maybe this to go with it:

ponies unicorns pink makeup jewelry childrens art licensing animation kids George Berlin

I was about to say “Well folks, this is about as girlie as I get right here”

But I think I said that three posts back. So I don’t think we’ve hit the peak of girlie quite yet.

Look- those are exactly the same 3D elements stuck on top of the compact as I put on the barrette!

I like this design, to be honest. The sides carry over the hearts and stars theme from earlier, but still keep it simple and subdued. And then the lipstick thingie

(at least I don’t know the proper name for that…) ties in the heart on the cap and a little tiny unicorn on the side and then more stars, etc.

Because, as those of you know with girls, if they get one… they have to have THE WHOLE COLLECTION! Muhuhahahaha!

Oops, did I actually type out that evil capitalist pig laughter at the end? Sorry…

Just thinking of my future, is all. Please do buy them all, however.



2 Responses to “Uni-corns! Some girlie collections (part 5)”

  1. Tara Reed said

    Very nice! And showing how your art converts to product is a great way to demonstrate to manufacturers that you understand the business of licensing. Best of luck with your unicorns. 🙂

    Tara Reed

    • eyeofthehurricane99 said


      Nice to see you here, somehow.

      We’re oddly connected, you and I…

      I also received great advice from our good friend J’net Smith!

      Thanks for the compliment- I believe I’ve got one of your e-books I need to continue reading…

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