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Lady Bugs and Bumblebees collection!(part2)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on May 5, 2009

So, I showed some of the Lady bugs bumblebees and stuff here…
But yeah, I’m a bit busy this coming week- so I’ve only got one lonely product

mock-up to show you.

: (

Ladybugs bumblebees art licensing girlie girls kids childrens animation George Berlin

And maybe not many more in the next ten days. I guess it’s not a bad thing in this economy to be too busy working.

: )

Whatcha think? I went big on the bumblebees on the larger bag. Just for variety. I like the little lady bug border on the second and hey!

That pattern is fun, too. I wasn’t sure if it would be.

By the way, just to ask some opinions- that random leaf thrown into the pattern isn’t weird, is it? I like it…

And I really enjoy the tight pattern on the wrapping paper. It’s a million cute bugs to the square inch!

Okay, back to work- more PetSmart commercials (like this one I did a while back…)

See ya on the flip side!


2 Responses to “Lady Bugs and Bumblebees collection!(part2)”

  1. Ms. SP said

    I like the middle one best because it doesn’t look like they are all lined up. But, I like all of them. They would be great to use in the spring! I can just see these being a hit at a garden party.

  2. Michele said

    I like the random leaf. it reminds us that bug are, after all, from the leafy places. I’d buy bunches of this because it’s cute, but generic. And in some ways, non-gender specific. I mean, what little boy doesn’t chase after bumble bees. At least those without allergies to them.

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