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12 little tiny paintings!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on May 20, 2009

Why, I think this may be the first post that’s not linked to anything I’ve done before… imagine that!

A *gasp* original idea!

Actually it’s just, well, 12 little tiny paintings, as the title says:

miniature paintings cartoon art animation kids childrens licensing George Berlin

Just so you know, these are all about 2 x 2 inches- the “wide” ones are about 2 x 2 and a half inches. Huge, I know.

Anyway, if you read the post yesterday, you’ll remember I was having a bit of fun just making silly watercolor paintings for fun.

Which led me to make a few silly ink paintings on canvas for fun, too.

Just crankin’ ’em out off the top of my head, basically. No pre-drawings or fancy sketches or blown-up computer images. Just grabbing a

brush and throwing some ink around. Pretty fun, really.

A f ew notes…

I like the cranky cat in the first picture. The tape on the tail is in homage (that’s ‘oh-mage’) to Tom and Jerry, one of my favoritist cartoons ever.

Whenever they wanted to show an ‘alley cat’, they’d just draw Tom, change his color and slap a piece of tape on the end of his tail.

Genius, I say, genius.

That one all the way on the right on the top row is actually a worm in an airplane. Yeah, I know…weird, right? I still like it.

The dog in the second row is the culmination of a few hundred drawings trying to capture the perfect mindless dog expression. ‘Cuz let’s face it, even the smartest

dog anyone’s ever met is still a bit dim. But I love ’em anyway!

I like the drippy ice cream cone- that’s just how ice cream is. It’s melting or it’s gone.

As for the banana, well I animated a video about Andy Warhol’s life for Getting to Know, a children’s educational media company I work for. And I guess it just influenced me

more than I thought. I’m sure he took the idea from someone else to begin with.

I like the weird shark thing, even though I’m not sure why he has feet. Anybody remember Jabber Jaws? I think I still do…

The hearts in love is part of an idea I’m kicking around for some Valentine’s day licensing ideas… see some other licensing stuff here.

Romantical, ain’t it?

And the snake is just something I’ve wanted to work into a pattern on a painting. I have this idea to do the ‘every critter I’ve ever painted’ painting one day.

There’d be snakes, for sure. And every other thing you can imagine (and some only I could).



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