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More animated doggies (and cats)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on May 26, 2009

Yeah, so I’ve been gone a few days…but hey, I’m workin’ right?

And here’s what I’ve been workin’ on:

Some happy doggies! Since I’ve got one of them there happy doggies, I seem to do a lot of these

kind of shots. Can I write him off as a work expense now?

You’ll remember, I did some other dog animations for a certain pet store a while back…

This is a nice shot for me not because it’s Disney-quality or anything but because it captures the doggie spirit so well.

We were instructed to ‘add a lot of love’ in this commercial. And as you can see, we did.

Here’s a snoozing cat rolling over.

My dog had a kitten that grew up with him. The kittie used to hiss and walk around the dog all mad for the longest time.

Then one day, I came home and the dog didn’t meet me at the door. I knew something was up.

I tiptoed into my room to find him sleeping on the bed- right next to the cat!

They both looked up with that  “uh, dude it ain’t what it looks like” face.


So I’ve had a fair bit of cat research, too. It was my previous roommate’s cat, but that little bugger used to sleep

on my desk right next to the keyboard while I was animating for the longest time.



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