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Railroad trains! (woo woo)part 1

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on May 28, 2009

So, we’ve seen collections of construction vehicles and rescue vehicles and so on…

Now, for the next one on my list- trains!

railroad trains caboose choo choo animation art childrens kids licensing George Berlin

I’m still working out what’s going to be what here, so a lot of this is rough or up in the air altogether. I like to start out too realistic and then simplify things.

If you recall, I joined Gallery 203 in the Flat Iron building earlier this year… well, anyways part of my duties as a group gallery member is to work there one weekend a month.

Sometimes it gets pretty slow. So, I bring along my handy little pocket sketchbook and work out licensing ideas.

Two birds, one stone if you will…

This drawing is just getting an idea of what’s going to be in the collection. I figure a full train, maybe split the train cars up for patterns and then some accessories.

So, I have the RR crossing sign and I’m thinking maybe some tracks, going in circles or Y shapes or some sort of design like that.

I decided to work out some of the details of the trains first- simplifying them is harder.

railroads trains art childrens licensing animation choo choo box car caboose George Berlin art

I decided on 1) an engine 2) a boxcar or maybe an open car 3) a flat bed and 4) a caboose. I figured those would read ‘train’ for most people. On this one I’m still deciding on the look and style of things and also how tall or wide things will be, etc.

The open cars (on the left side) look a bit too much like they’re hauling mashed potatoes in this one! I like both of the box cars, though. Nice and simple.

Some more trains:

railroad trains caboose choo choo art animation childrens kids licensing George Berlin

These are after I’d doodled some and I was getting an idea of how I want them to look. I’m still working out the caboose design, but I like where it’s headed.

The flat car is looking good for me. The low simple design is working, and the logs are simple enough. I’m also pretty settled on how the wheels and the whole wheel assembly will look (drawing on the top in the middle).

Okay, last one- more details:

railroad trains caboose choo choo art animation childrens kids licensing George Berlin

I was playing with the possibilities of making them more stylized here, but I think I might go more kid friendly looking. This was more about the feel of the line on the wheels and the stylized nature of the caboose than anything else.

I’ll be working on these this week (in between projects) so hopefully I’ll have more of them shortly.


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