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Doggie collections! (part 1)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on May 29, 2009

No no no… there’s not some dog who owes me money…

I know better than that.

It’s just that, I’ve been showing collections of  unicorns and lady bugs and dinosaurs and so on…

And well, I think it’s time I designed a doggie collection. For a few reasons…

1) I love dogs

2) I’ve got a million dog paintings I’ve done

3) People who also love their dogs buy them all kinds of $tuff with dog$ on them.

cute dogs art childrens kids animation George Berlin

I’ll be the first to say, some of these drawings fail spectacularly!

That one on the upper right just doesn’t look dog-like enough. I like the lower left one,  he’s looking  pretty much like  ‘dog mooching a treat’.

The one on his back just isn’t posed quite right somehow. I’m still working on that one, but I like the idea of the pose. I just haven’t quite hit the pose, yet.

A few more:

cute dogs art childrens kids animation George Berlin

This is a variation of the sleeping pose in the other drawing. Some parts of each of these work, but I’ll be honest, he’s too realistically proportioned in the top drawings- and he looks  like a little pig in the bottom one! Better proportionally, but just not right still.

I’m trying to capture that look when a dog is sleeping, where his nose is laying flat on the ground or on his front legs. Unfortunately, my style of dogs have pretty short stumpy legs.

So I’m still working on it. Eh.

And last, but certainly not least- here’s some goofy doodles I did a few weeks back thinking about my dog collection:

dogs in cars motorcycles cats animation art licensing childrens kids George Berlin

Dogs and cats riding together! I particularly like the cat in the bike basket (although the cat in the sidecar is great, too)

I’ll post some more this week (it’s one of my next projects)

Until next time!


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