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Lady bugs and bumblebees collection! (part 3)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 2, 2009

Showed you a little of this and a little of that for this collection a while back…

Then I took a little break. I get a little burned-out on mock-ups once in a while and need to take a little break.

Well, on everything, really.

But now I’m back at it!

lady bug bumble bee backpacks kids art licensing animation childrens George Berlin

I got a bit stuck on these, actually. I had done a few billion other backpack designs already and, well, I had “licensor’s block” I guess.


Then- wham!- I got it! Howsabout I make the lady bug backpack RED?

I kind of have ‘design rules’ for this collection. One is that it’s composed of just two shades of green, with gold added in when it’s featuring the

bee and red added in when it features the lady bug. Duh… I think I forgot about the red part when I was stuck. I pared down the amount of stuff on

these, as opposed to some of the earlier designs I’ve shown you.

Not that they were bad or over-done or anything. I just want to show a range of design from minimalist to a little busier, that’s all.

bee ladybug bumble purses girlie art childrens licensing animation George Berlin

Here’s some purses! Yee-ha! I like the way I managed to work in the leaves- I really like the non-traditional feel to that.

Would little girlies carry a light green purse?

bee ladybug bumble umbrella girlie art childrens licensing animation George Berlin

Here’s the umbrella. I like the leaves here, too. Mostly since that’s where you’ll find wet little

ladybugs when it’s raining. That and somehow the radiating hearts with the bee make it feel kind of sunny, too.



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