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Lady bugs and bumblebees collection! (part 4)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 3, 2009

We got back to the bumblebees and ladybugs here…

I have a few more for ya. Yup.

Then it’s on to some doggies I’ve been working on.

First, girlie stuff!

lady bugs bumblebees childrens art kids licensing clothes skirts animation George Berlin

This is a bit like the girlie clothes I made for the ponies here…

Again, happy to work in the leaves- the world needs more leaves on kids clothes, I think.

One more…

lady bug hair barette girlie girls art licensing animation childrens George Berlin

I really like the lady bug here. Real shiny. Feels like one of those shrinky-dinks from way back

(gosh, I sound old…)

So, what do you think folks?


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