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Doggie Collections (part 2)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 4, 2009

I posted some of my chicken scratchings about the doggie collection here…

(no actual chickens in the scratchings, however)

Well, I’ve drawn a bunch more and I think I’m getting somewhere.


dogs cartoon kids art animation licensing childrens George Berlin

I’m only going to post one image today, since it’s so big and I have a lot to say about it.

My earlier dogs were just not quite there, as you’ll recall…

I realized I needed a better ‘building block’ for the dog. That last one was just a big sausage blob. Is is wrong that hearing that

phrase makes me a little hungry?

Anyway…  this one, well, he starts out as a big sausage blob- but with a distinctly separate head. That seemed to make all the difference!

I drew the pen dogs in the lower middle first. Then I said, okay the model’s good- I think the important thing here is nailing the poses.

Because the look of the dog is important- but what he’s doing sells the idea over everything!

So I did the dog lower right next (a pose I know all too well from my little pal Thunder wanting to play all the time!)

Then the obligatory ‘play position’ upper left! Yeah, we’re rockin’ now!

So I said, okay, let’s take the good pose of sitting with a bone and slap it on to a big slobbery dog (left center) . And it worked great!

I did the same pose with the poodle, just to get a sense of how it fits with his details -the drawing’s pretty bad, really. I made a tighter one on the next page, but it

showed me that the pose was good.

I moved on to sleeping doggie next. You can see I started one with the pen drawings near the bottom- and that I simplified his legs in the later pencil doodles

that follow (middle right). He was a bit too ‘real looking’ in the joints there.

I just got rid of the joints, and added a little curve to the leg and voila!


A few more poses next time…


3 Responses to “Doggie Collections (part 2)”

  1. Michele said

    I have to say that at first glance, the one at top right (the 2 doggies together) made me think,…um, their date got hot and heavy. Then I thought the poodle was milking the other. So my gut reaction – this pose doesn’t work. My favorite is the top left. The doggie poised to play is always fun to see.

  2. Ms. SP said

    Michele, ha! I didn’t even notice that one. : )

    • eyeofthehurricane99 said

      and they say us boys are immature…yeesh!


      Actually, ladies, I was simply finding a way to re-draw the poodle somewhere on the same page so I could see the other poses.

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