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Doggie collections (part 3)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 5, 2009

So we got a-movin’ on the doggie collection here…

Now, some more poses!

dogs playing cartoons art childrens kids licensing animation George Berlin

I decide to transfer a few poses from the previous post onto some new dogs.

I figure, the collections will be poses A to Z on say, 5 different dogs.

Y’know, a tiny one, a big fat one, a long one, a fancy one, a hairy one, etc.

One for everyone (and their dog)!

I like the begging and playing on the dachsund- although the play one doesn’t seem to show him as long enough (and his head could go down a bit more, I think.)  Hmm. I do like how he’s so long his belly is curving in the begging pose.

Good though. I did the bulldog sleeping near the bottom (with the big X on it) but that didn’t work out right. He looks like a big weird bear sleeping- maybe

Winnie the Pooh or something. But not a dog.

I re-drew him on the next page.

I like the bulldog playing at the bottom. Same pose, just applied to a little bit different dog.

dogs sleeping playing kids art animation licensing childrens George Berlin

Makes ya tired looking at all these sleepy dogs, don’t it?


The bulldog works better than the last, I think, because of the bottom lip sticking out. That and the bigger feet and, ahem, I gave him a

bit of a butt-crack. He needed one!

He was a bit too rolly-polly in that other one.

I like that the weiner dog is rolled up like a bagel almost, he’s so long. I particulary like how the poodle came out. Just a big ball of fur, with a few

legs stick in here and there.

My dog would be proud of me, I think.


2 Responses to “Doggie collections (part 3)”

  1. Amazing drawings with a lot of appeal I have checked out a few of your pages. Thanks for all of the dialoque going along with your works. It is inspiring.

    • eyeofthehurricane99 said

      Thanks, Derek!

      Glad to hear the wacky insights into my art is useful- I dig your watercolors… I’ve got a few here and there on my site (mostly work stuff)

      Check out some of them on my professional page:

      look at the animation backgrounds page!

      Thanks again


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