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Doggie collections (part 4)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 6, 2009

Showed ya some doggie collections some time back…

Well, now on to a slightly different yet related doggie collection-

Dogs on Wheels!

dogs airplanes motorcycles trains race cars art animation childrens kids licensing George Berlin

This is more of sketch of some designs I’ve done a bit before, with better drawn dogs in them. I have a painting of the dogs

in the race car and the plane. The motorcycle is from the Police and Fire Rescue collection I did and the train is from the trains collection I’m working on.

The idea is that this will be dogs driving and flying stuff. Gettin’ places, basically.

I’m still working out how the accessories will go (or if I’ll have them). I mean, what ties into all of the modes of transportation shown here?

Unless I use like, those highway sign icons for airport and cars and trucks and trains, etc. Hmmm.

More on this later- I’ll be working on things this week!


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