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Dino Racing team!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 7, 2009

These current few posts are going to be ‘one-image’ posts…

new things I’m working up that I’ve got just a single page of sketches on, as I’ll be exploring the ideas

this week.

I worked on Dinos building stuff way back here…

Well, I figure they gotta have some fun, too!

dinosaurs rex race cars monster trucks art childrens licensing animation George Berlin kids

I’ll be designing the Dino Racing Team collection!!

(c’mon, you know you want one, right?)

I figure some dinos in race cars, monster trucks etc. I mean, what can cause more damage than a T-Rex in

a monster truck, really?

The brontosaurus in the car on the top is based on some little slim shiny silver race car I had as a kid. Kinda like an old Corvette

or them James Bond cars. Dinos gotta have style too, ya know.

Maybe I’ll slap a dinosaur on a racing motorcylce too. That and some racing flags, maybe a flaming tire or a ‘dino racing’ patch.

Hmm… stay tuned for more details!


One Response to “Dino Racing team!”

  1. Michele said

    I love these! They bring back memories of the old Sinclair Gas Station logos. Yeah, I’m that old. My grandpa used to buy me the toys they sold for promotions as soon as they were available. And I loved my grandpa! So these just tug at my heartstrings.

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