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Spacemen collection!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 8, 2009

Continuing some new collection ideas…

The inspiration fairy came and smacked me really hard upside the head the other day.

And I was seeing stars!

spaceship astronaut space shuttle saturn art childrens kids licensing animation George Berlin

Stars in outer space, that is!

I said, hmm… I really liked me some outer space as a kid. My whole room was covered with  moon landing photos and pictures of Mars and stuff.

Maybe I should do some space stuff.

So we started with an astronaut. Okay, his left foot’s a little strange. I got the right one down well- but I figured I could get back to the left.  I like him, though.

I really liked the space shuttle as a kid, too. That and I figured kiddies today wouldn’t recognize the moon lander.


I might do the “Space Lab” style satellite as a separate piece from the shuttle, even though I show it being held by an arm here.

Anyone remember Space Lab? Fell outta the sky 30 years ago? I know, I’m an old geezer, right…

I like the little stumpy rocket- like one of those kiddie rides in front of the supermarket. I tried doing the moon (you can see it to the right of the rocket) but it looks kinda weird.

Might need to do a little finessing to that idea…

The falling star didn’t work too well for me, either. Just looks like it’s on fire or something weird. Hm.

Saturn looks nice- easy to read and recognizable. Oh, and I sorta like the ‘goofy’ falling star to the left of Saturn (but I don’t think I’ll use it).

And of course, the star is good too.

That’s all for now- more next time!


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