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Some random cartoony paintings…(part 2)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 11, 2009

I showed you the inked versions of these paintings back here…

Well, now 2 of them are done!

In between painting some other big paintings…

shark cartoon art childrens kids funny licensing animation George Berlin

I made a slight change to this painting since last time- and you can’t even see it here!

My original idea was to cut off the shark’s body as it goes out of the edge of the canvas (as you see it here).

When I was painting it, though, I decided to just wrap his body around to the side of the canvas.

Looks perty.

Now, for pie:

cherry pie funny cartoon art childrens kids licensing animation George Berlin

This one has a secret suprise you can only see in person, too.

I painted two cherries on each side of the canvas edges (since it’s for someone named Cheri, I figured what

the heck).

I like the cherry pie-filling color of the pie… looks incredibly edible, yes? That and I feel the dough color came out nicely.

It’s sort of a yellow ochre lightened with a touch of red  (put that in your ‘fake pie’ recipe book if you’d like).

That and I really like the light red background with the light green plate. Feels relaxing and home-y, if you know what I mean.

Reminds me a bit of the color scheme on these here lady bug items I designed, too.

Must be into the red and green thing these days.

I’m hoping to deliver this one sometime this week…
Ciao for now!


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