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Work Stuff (Edgar Degas Drawing)!

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 12, 2009

I showed some animation from the “Edgar Degas” video we’re working on here….

Well, here’s a scene we hadn’t done yet.

I have a bit more, but we’re re-doing some of his clothes, so he looks a little odd right now

(his jacket switches out here and there.)

This is some repeated cycles of him drawing at the ballet (which, duh, isn’t in the scene right now- but I have it drawn already!)

Then he stops and hold his thumb up to measure the ballerinas he’s drawing, and then goes back to drawing. There’s a bit of acting after this between him and the ballet concertmaster.

The gag is, well, the ballet is about to start and Degas is still on the stage drawing ballerinas. I’ll post some of that this week, hopefully. I’m still fine-tuning the concertmaster today (and fixing Edgar’s duds).

Do I have a cool job, or what?


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