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Work Stuff! (More Edgar Degas Drawing)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 18, 2009

This scene is a progression of what I showed you last time…

Here, I’ve finalized the animation and colored him up and added a line or two and of course- there’s a whole new guy in the scene!

Like I mentioned last time, the concertmaster comes in a bit concerned that, uh, the ballet is about to start and there’s some guy on stage- with his easel and a table of snacks- and he has no intention of leaving any time soon!

I originally drew Emile (that’s what we’ve named the concertmaster) very dejected as he leaves, but he comes back a few more times later in the video- so they wanted him a bit less upset so he can ‘build’ to being mad later.

We get to watch his slow twisting spiral descent into despair! Yeah!

So I suggested he walks out kinda huffy and offended with more of a ‘…well, I never… grumble grumble’ kind of look to him.

There’s a plethora of ballet dancers being silly behind them in this scene that I’ve animated (but I haven’t put them together with these two characters yet)

Maybe I’ll post them next!

See more of our videos here:


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