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Work Stuff (and post #100!)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 19, 2009

Do I get a cupcake or something for this momentous occasion?

Anyhoo, here’s another progression of the scene from yesterday.

Okay, so I didn’t animate all this just yesterday. I had all the ballerinas done already- a few months back, actually.

I’m a cheater, right? Like when they put the casserole into the oven on those daytime cooking shows and then pull out one they had cooked already…

Not that I’m mister daytime cooking show watcher (ask Marie about my cooking skills- yeesh!)

Back to the animation…

Did I mention how I worked out the posing for all those ballerinas? Yup, that’s right- me jumping around in my studio trying some of these moves out…

Try not to visualize my 260 lb hairy self prancing around in a tutu or anything, okay? You may hurt your brain.

Let me tell you, it’s a good thing I work alone.

I was inspired a lot by the floppy arms and legs of the Muppets- I’m a huge fan! I own the first 2 seasons on DVD.

I’m particularly proud of that dancers in yellow that twirl across the stage the whole time and their hugely fluffy tutus. Looks like a big weird flower or a cream puff or something.

It’s what we animators call “beautifully funny-looking”.

On a side note, one of the musicians in the orchestra is an upright bass player. Oh, and I really like how I colored the sandwich and the grape soda Degas is enjoying at the ballet.

Next up, putting a drawing on his sketch pad and painting a floor (anyone notice it’s just a big orange square right now?)

That’s all for now!


One Response to “Work Stuff (and post #100!)”

  1. Michele said

    I noticed the sandwich and drink right off. I think they may have been my favorite thing of the piece – so far.

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