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Doggie collections (part 5)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 26, 2009

So, a while back I showed you some doodles I did for a little “Dogs on Wheels”

collection I’m working on…

Well, I did a bit more on them!

Dogs on bikes motorcycle puppies cute art animation licensing childrens kids George Berlin

If you’ll recall from the original squiggles, I said to myself- hey! I can take some of the parts I’ve done for collections already and

just put a dog on it and change a few things and it’s perfect!

Which I did with, mmm, this motorcycle from the Police and Fire Rescue Force collection!

How about that, eh? Just re-colored a few parts on the bike, lost the siren and added a dog and voila! New collection piece!

Okay, so I did have to re-draw the handlebars… they just didn’t reach the little doggie’s paws too well on the original. Betcha didn’t even notice, huh?

I like this dog because I think he captures that face that every single dog has when he’s happy. You know the one I mean.

That and dogs always hold their paws kinda funny like how he’s holding the handlebar. My dog always sleeps with his paws in all these

funny positions that never look very comfortable, but apparently he’s good with them.

I also think the way he’s sitting on the bike is very “dog-like” too.

I feel like this motorcyle looks a little weird without anything on the back of it (since I chopped off the siren). Maybe a seat bar on the back or something would

help. Hmmm…

Okay, one more:

dogs trains puppies cute art childrens kids licensing locomotives animation George Berlin

Dog train! How do you beat that?

Why yes, um, that is the same train from this collection here… why do you think I left the engine compartment open?

To put cute critters in it!

I’m not sure if this guy’s head is too big or not. I’m going to let it sit for a while and look at it with some new eyes later on. Sometimes, I just have to give it a

little time, and suddenly a drawing works better for me.

Funny, but it works.

I really like his hat and the little dark spot on the pads of his feet. Niice.

Doggie foot pads are always so cute- my dog has hair that grows out in between his!

Next up (hopefully…) for this collection will be the dog in the race-car and one in a plane. And some accessories, too.

Ciao for now!


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