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Doggie collections (part 6)

Posted by eyeofthehurricane99 on June 29, 2009

I showed a few of the pups going places back in this post…

Now, on to a few more!

dogs cute puppies flying airplanes licensing art childrens kids animation George Berlin

Here’s the happy (and dashing!) young pup flying about in his little aeroplane! Zoom!

I actually made a painting of this some time back, but I made a dog with little sharp teeth, and my licensing consultant suggested

to “cute him up a bit” and lose the fangs. Smart lady.

That and this is a digital painting.

Same dog as the one riding the bike and the train, as you can see. I’m just swapping out the hats and scarves and stuff.

I like that he looks a bit like when people take pet portraits of their doggies dressed as military leaders or tank drivers

or something- like somebody just plopped this little guy down in a toy airplane with a few accessories  and snapped the photo!

Next, we have a dog in a race car!

dogs cute puppies race cars nascar licensing childrens kids art animation George Berlin

Hey, that dog looks familiar!

Hmmm… like I just grabbed him out of his aeroplane from that first picture and stuck him in a race car with a different hat!

Oh yeah, because that’s what I actually did.

This was also a painting- but the pup driving had some sharp teeth so he got the boot!

Here’s the original paintings (cut out of their backgrounds):

dogs cute puppies race cars nascar licensing childrens kids art animation George Berlin

Okay, so I changed the racing dog from a bulldog-ish guy to the more hound-like one I have now.

I thought the fangs were kinda cute, but I guess they need to be more cuddly for little kids.

Whaddya think?


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